The mission of the UHS counseling program is to provide academic support, personal/social counseling and career and college guidance. We believe all students need support to be successful and find their career path when they graduate. Getting accepted into a university has become increasingly difficult and requires the combined efforts of the students, parents, and school. Additionally, teens experience many social-emotional issues while in high school and the academically best students tend to struggle with issues of anxiety more than other students. This is why the counseling program is committed to providing students a full range of counseling services and our counselor to student ratio is one of the best in the valley (UHS employs two counselors and uses several interns).

Guidance Counseling

Counseling Breakdown.

Calculating CSU/UC GPA

The CSU/UC calculation includes all grades after the 9th grade.

Peer Mentor Program

The transition to high school or a new school, in general, can be a major event in the life of a young person.