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Safe Return to In-Person Instruction (Public Viewing)    AB 104 Grade Change Form

(Last updated 1/22/2022)

Graduation Requirements

University High School - Four Year Plan


Graduation and
College Requirements
9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English: 4 Years
(CSU = 4 years)
(UC = 4 years)
English 9 English 10 AP English (Composition) AP English (Literature)
Math: 3 or 4 Years Integrated Math I

Integrated Math II

Advanced Math^*

Math Options:

  • Advanced Math^
  • AP Statistics^
  • AP Calculus AB^
  • AP Calculus BC^

Math Options:

  • AP Statistics
  • Advanced Math
  • AP Calculus AB ^
  • AP Calculus BC^
  • Math 77/Math 81 (at Fresno State)
  • 2 semesters of
    Humanities at Fresno State
Science: 3 ½ Years
(CSU -2 yrs. lab science – 1 biological & 1 physical)
(UC -2 yrs. lab science req., 3yrs. rec.)
Physics Chemistry Biology 10 & Biology 12
(both at Fresno State)
Computer Science (one semester
only at Fresno State)
Language: 3 Years
(CSU -2yrs. in same language)
(UC -2yrs. req., 3yrs. rec.)
Latin I Latin II Language other than English
(2 semesters of the same language during 11th & 12th
grades) {taken at Fresno State}
Social Science: 3 Years
(CSU -2yrs.)
(UC -2yrs.)
None History 20 & History 21
(both at Fresno State)
U.S. History
AP U.S. History
AP Economics
AP U.S. Government
Physical Education: 4 Years
(Not a college req.)
Physical Education 9 Physical Education 10 Physical Education 11 Physical Education 12
Visual and Performing Arts: 4 Years
(CSU & UC -1 year)
Musicianship I and
Performing Group
Musicianship II and
Performing Group
Musicianship III or
AP Music Theory
Performance Group
Musicianship IV and
Performing Group