Health & Wellness

Attending high school today can be a stressful, anxiety driven experience. UHS understands that students need to have ‘peace-of-mind’ so they can focus on their academics and the responsibilities associated with high school. That is why UHS employs social-emotional counselors just to assist students who may need a little extra help. The resources on this page are all designed to assist students with the social-emotional aspects of their lives although students and parents are always free to call Mrs. Bird (278-0449) or Mrs. Fernandez (278-1115) with any questions.

Our counselors are available to all students and can be accessed in multiple ways:

  • Students and or parents may request to meet with their counselor by either walk-in or by appointment, to discuss any personal, social, emotional and behavioral issues that the individual is experiencing.
  • Teachers may refer students when they identify the student’s learning is being impacted by academic, personal, social, emotional or behavioral issues.
  • A Student Support Team (SST) may recommend that a student receive short-term counseling or frequent check-in as part of the student's plan of action.
  • Counselor may initiate meetings with students based on feedback received from other students, parents, teachers, or school administrators, or during particular times of the academic year (i.e., grading periods).

When needed, Mrs. Bird or Mrs. Fernandez may refer students and their families to private professionals in the community for psycho-educational testing and assessment, psychological or psychiatric evaluation, and long-term counseling. The following are some of the community resources available to UHS students and parents.

Comprehensive Youth Services, Inc.

4545 N. West Ave, Fresno, CA 93705

Some services provided for a fee. Services include individual and family counseling for at-risk and abused or neglected children and their families also, anger management classes for adults and adolescents. CYS offers student assistance program with on-campus crisis counseling for children and youth at numerous Fresno Unified School District and Fresno County schools and Neighborhood Resource Centers. Rural programs include: Keep Kids Drug Free, One-to-One Mentoring programs and the STOP program.

Call (559) 229-3561

    Fresno County Mental Health

    3133 N. Millbrook Ave, Fresno, CA 93703

    Provide services to those 0 - 18 years of age, and infant mental health for voluntary or court-ordered 0-3 year olds. Services includes mental health assessments and evaluations, case management, transitional services, medication services, collateral interventions, individual and family therapy, family advocacy, community based services as needed, substance abuse prevention and interventions, parenting groups English and Spanish, groups for pre-adolescents and adolescents girls, Boys Coping Skills group, trauma focused mental health treatment, attachment-based family and child therapy.

    Call (559) 453-8918

      Kingsview Mental Health

      7170 N. Financial Drive, Suite 110 Fresno, CA 93720

      With a strong tradition of commitment, our focus is on serving rural communities where other health resources are often limited. Treating people with care and compassion is the cornerstone of our philosophy – valuing each person’s worth, dignity and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

      Call (559) 256-0100

        Al-Anon & Alateen

        922 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

        Alateen is part of the Al-Anon Family Groups; Al-Anon meetings are for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking. If there’s no Alateen meeting available to you, you are always welcome to attend an Al-Anon meeting.

        Call (559) 444-0224

          Sullivan Center for Children

          3443 W. Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

          Our staff is highly knowledgeable about childhood development, parenting, and problems that arise during childhood. We are a community based organization that has been serving families in the Central Valley for over 20 years. We are here to provide expert advice and help to parents and families throughout a child's developmental years.

          Call (559) 271-1186