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(Last updated 1/22/2022)

Program Donations

UHS is proud of the program we offer our students but to support our program we need your help.  While UHS is a public school the cost of our program exceeds the money given to us by the State of California.  As a result, we ask all parents to make a voluntary annual contribution of $700 per child, which we use to defray the costs associated with our program. Our request of $700 amounts to about $3.30 a day per student.

We believe our high school program offerings are far more expansive than those of a traditional public school.  (Students in a comparable private school could expect to pay $7,000-$10,000 per year.)  The following are just a few of the things your contribution will help us maintain.

Compared to other schools:

  • UHS maintains an average class size of 20 (freshman classes are higher, sophomore, junior and senior classes lower) compared to 35 in neighboring schools.
  • UHS gives each student one book a month to keep as part of our 48 Books program.
  • UHS students take Fresno State classes for free and in some cases free Fresno State textbooks are also provided.
  • UHS provides a counselor ratio that is 200-1 compared to the 400-600-1 ratio elsewhere.
  • UHS students can take as many as ten classes a year compared to the 6-7 locally.
  • Most schools ask for donations for students who are in musical groups. UHS does not charge.
  • UHS is nationally ranked by US News and World Report, which helps our students applying to college.

Despite the fact that UHS provides more services we actually have less money to spend on programs than neighboring schools.  Local districts possess or own their facilities, and the only costs they incur are maintenance and upkeep.  That is not true for UHS.  We pay both these costs, but we also must spend a substantial part of our budget on facilities.  At the moment this includes the mortgage on our new facility, hence the need for this contribution and the current push to raise other development money to outfit our new building.

"University High School is a 501 (c) 3, IRS Non-Profit organization.  All your contributions are tax-deductible, allowable by the extent of the law."