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(Last updated 1/22/2022)


While University High School values academics and music, we also believe that all students benefit from their involvement in extra-curricular activities. University High School has a wealth of clubs and activities. The Associated Student Body, a group of elected student officers, oversees most.

New Clubs - Students must:

  • Find a faculty advisor and determine the meeting time and location.
  • Form a mission statement and develop a budget.
  • Submit a new club application package (application, mission statement, and budget) to ASB for consideration.

Active Minds Club

Advisor: Mrs. Bird

Associated Student Body

Advisor: Mr. Benslay

BSU Club

Advisor: Mrs. Lancaster

California Scholarship Federation

Advisor: Mrs. Roche

Chess Club

Creative Writing

Advisor: Dr. Jarocki


Advisor: Ms. McKnight


Advisor: Mrs. Fernandez

Interact Club

Advisor: Mr. Johnson

Food Club

Advisors: Ms. Dowis & Mrs. Royce


Advisor: Mrs. Hill

Journalism Club

Advisor: Mrs. Downer

Neurodiversity Club

Advisor: Mr. Johnson

Red Cross Club

Advisors: Mr. Murillo & Mr. Hagen

Travel Club

Advisor: Mr. Benslay

Honor Commission

Advisor: Mrs. Hill

Sailing Club

Advisor: Mr. Benslay