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(Last updated 1/22/2022)

Unique Yearly Schedule

The UHS school year is broken into two 15-week semesters (fall and spring) and 2 elective sessions, one in January and one in May.  UHS students will attend school approximately 185 days.

The school year starts in August one week before Fresno State begins classes.  The UHS fall semester then mirrors Fresno State’s calendar and culminates in December with finals just before winter break.

In January before Fresno State or UHS starts its new semester, UHS runs a 1-2 week intensive session.  During this time all students enroll in either one or two electives. The offerings for the 2007 winter “intensive sessions” included typing, music composition, genealogy, skiing, an ecology field trip, life skills, music recording and other offerings.

The spring semester starts in mid-January and runs until mid-May.  At the end of the spring semester UHS runs its second intensive study session.  The 2008 offerings included digital photography, swing dance, drawing, guitar, the staging of the musical Guy’s and Doll’s, billiards and bowling, biking, lacrosse, tennis, French New Wave cinema, SAT writing and math prep, life skills, driver’s education, speech and debate and other offerings.

During the regular semester, all students at UHS take a minimum of seven courses a semester (but they may take more) in a school day that runs from 8am to as late as 5pm (the typical freshman schedule runs 8am to 3).  On a daily basis all students have a common lunch from 12-1pm.  The daily schedule, 8am-5pm, is set up to handle the required academic classes, the performance ensembles, and a variety of college classes.

The basic school schedule runs from 8am-5pm. Most academic classes are scheduled from 8-3. Performing ensembles run every other day at the 3 and 4pm hours. Students are required to take one performance ensemble each semester but are allowed to take up to four. Some students are finished before 5pm depending on which performance classes they take. Upperclassmen may have holes in the middle of their daily schedule depending on which college classes they take. Most freshmen are finished at 3pm after Freshman Band or Choir, which meet every day, but some may be in orchestra or another ensemble at 3pm or 4pm.

Because junior and seniors students enroll in some CSUF classes as well as UHS classes, their daily schedule is not the same day-to-day.