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  • Absence - Students who are returning to school after an absence or who are tardy are to report to the Office before going to class. Absences and tardies must be supported by a note, email: or phone: 278-8263 from a parent/guardian to be excused. A student who returns to campus without clearing the absence will be assigned detention on the day of their return.

  • No Note Policy - Absences must be cleared by the following school day, either by note, email: or phone: 278-8263 from a parent/guardian. Medical or dental appointments must be supported by written documentation from the office of the provider. Students whose absences are not cleared will be considered truant and will be assigned lunch detention.

  • Leaving School During the Day - Students leaving school must be signed out in the Office. Even if a parent or guardian has sent a note or called ahead to give permission for a student to leave, the adult picking up the student must come to the Office and sign the student out. If a student leaves without following this procedure, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action. On their return, students must report to the Office to sign in before returning to class.