Board of Directors


Dr. Paul Beare

Dean Kremen School of Education and Human Development, CSUF

Vice Chair

Carolyn Plunkett


Kathleen McKinley

College of Arts and Humanities Representative, CSUF


Susan B. Anderson


Michael Stain


Dr. Ram Nunna

Lyles College of Engineering, CSUF


Michael Gen

Board Policies

The UHS school board governs the school through the policies and documents it has approved. Please refer to any of these documents if you have questions about how our school works.

This compendium includes:

  • School Charter (which outlines the school program and curriculum)
  • Parent/Student handbook (which includes common every day practices about how the school works and important parent notifications)
  • individual approved board policies

UHS Complaint Procedure

If you feel the school has violated federal or state laws, you may file a complaint via the Uniform Complaint Procedure.

It is our duty to notify you of your rights (in keeping with Title IX of the Federal Education Code of 1972) and how you can file a complaint if you feel those rights have been denied. That information can be found here.