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(Last updated 1/22/2022)


Do I have to play an instrument or have singing experience?
Yes. Eligible students must meet a middle school level of proficiency in either instrumental or vocal music. Auditions for placement are held in the beginning few weeks of Fall term.

What do I really need to be accepted into UHS?
You must have music skills and the motivation to work hard to master a rigorous, accelerated, college preparatory curriculum in science, math and the humanities.

Do you accept piano or guitar players?
Yes. But we do not have piano or guitar classes at UHS. We do have bands, orchestras, and choirs. You will be required to participate in one of these performing ensembles each semester. The choirs use piano players occasionally to accompany the choir. The jazz band uses one pianist, one guitarist, and one bass guitar player.

Will summer school credits be counted toward graduation requirements?
Summer school courses that meet UHS curriculum requirements will count toward graduation requirements.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, but it is quite liberal. Any apparel or grooming features that distract from the learning process will result in a student being sent to the office and making necessary changes.

What about a carpooling database?
Parents wishing to carpool can identify the area where they live at the Orientation for parents of incoming students which is held before school begins.

Will UHS have a Summer School?
UHS is not currently offering any Summer School classes.

How is UHS regarded by major universities?
We are listed in California directories of high schools and receive mailings from colleges and universities. UHS is in contact with the UC office at UC Merced and at Stanford, and we send students to local interviews for Harvard. UHS students are accepted at highly selective colleges and universities. UHS has a College Advisor who works with students in preparation for college admissions.

Homework averages about a half-hour per course per night.

Progress reports?
UHS uses PowerSchool for record keeping. This is an online service, enabling parents to access their student’s grades and attendance at any time 24/7 on the Internet. Families without Internet access may contact the school and request a loaner computer.

Are there CSUF faculty to give lessons to UHS students?
Some of our students are taking private lessons from CSUF faculty, but UHS is not directly involved.

Do any credits transfer to the college level?
The UHS program is an “accelerated college preparatory curriculum” designed to provide students with college credit in several of our classes and/or dual enrollment college credit if they enroll in CSUF classes. Sophomore year World History is a college course. Junior and senior year UHS students take CSUF courses in foreign language and geology.

What state tests does UHS require?
UHS administers The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test. We also give the PSAT each October. Students are individually responsible for registering for SAT/ACT testing at area high schools.

Where does the UHS funding come from?
UHS is a public high school funded by ADA from the state. Budgeted expenses call for fundraising commitments from our parents and applying for grants to realize the vision for UHS.

What is the UHS Calendar?
UHS follows the 16-week CSUF semester calendar for Fall and Spring semesters, with an additional Winter Session in January and a Spring Session in June. There is an annual New Student Orientation in August before classes start.

What is the boy/girl ratio?
The ratio is 43% boys to 57% girls this 2020-21 school year.

What is the daily schedule like?
Classes begin for most students at 7:55 AM, with lunch, activities, and clubs scheduled at 12 Noon. Most freshmen are released at 3 p.m. each day. As students begin to take classes for college credit, classes may go later. Performing groups last until 5 p.m. for some students.

Do we need to obtain inter-district transfers?
No. UHS is an independent, charter high school. Students enroll directly in UHS

How are emergencies and illnesses handled?
In a life-threatening emergency we will call 911 first, then the contact person on the emergency health form. If a student becomes ill, we call the contact person listed on the emergency health form.

How does Lunch work?
Many students bring their own lunch. Students may also purchase lunch at the Fresno State Student Union, or purchase a meal plan at the University's Residence Dining Hall.  UHS does offer free/reduced lunches which are served in the front office.  To qualify for free/reduce lunch contact the office for an application form.

When can a student get access to a UHS instrument, if they don’t own one?
This depends on the instrument. If we have a school instrument available, it can be issued for practicing over the summer. If we have to order an instrument, it may not be available until school starts (or later, if the lead time is excessive.)

How early can students arrive at UHS? How late can they stay?
School hours are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Do we go on field trips?
Yes. Trips have been taken to local sites of interest, such as the Exploratorium and the Opera in San Francisco, Death Valley National Monument, and China Peak Ski Resort. Other out-of-town trips have also been scheduled to various universities, music festivals, and museums.

Can we go off campus?
Students may not leave the CSUF campus. For liability reasons, UHS has a closed campus policy. The definition of the limits of the UHS campus includes the Library and the Student Union area during lunchtime for students in good standing.

Do we get to do hands-on experiments in science?
UHS has a strong commitment to laboratory-based, hands-on science. Textbook-only science is not science.

What are the PE activities?
UHS’s recreation/fitness/health/nutrition program is focused on promoting life-long, fun activities such as volleyball, badminton, soccer, rugby, and dancing.

Does UHS have counselors?
Yes. See the counseling pages for more details.

Is there a fee to attend?
University High School is a public high school and free of charge. Donations in support of our innovative program are much appreciated.