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Parent Survey Results


Comments from Head of School on 2015-16 Parent Survey Results

Thank you to the 223 parents who filled out our 2015-16 parent survey.  The quantitative results are listed here as well, just click on the link on the left side of this page.  I have summarized the key ideas parents talked about below and provided some responses.

  1. The biggest area of improvement parents talked about in the entire survey was the issue of parking.
    1. Response: As a school we have not been focused on this area, but several comments indicate that this is an area of concern.  While we cannot change the pick-up and drop-off area, parents can help with this issue by pulling forward quickly, and also by not cutting in line.  In the meantime I am going to be talking to Fresno State about another long-term solution.
  2. Parents mentioned the elective session we offer and the lack of elective choices there sometimes are for our underclassmen. 
    1. Response: Another good point for us to consider.  We strive to offer interesting and different electives choices as we love what the electives can do for our students.  This week we spoke to all of the Deans of the Fresno State Departments and asked them to pass the word along to their staff that we are looking for university professors to teach during our elective sessions.  We hope that this will add some exciting new elective choices for our students.
  3. Parents were concerned about the work load for students AND the lack of places to hang-out during the winter while they are waiting for parents.
    1. Response: Homework overload is a constant topic in our staff meetings.  We do not want to overload our students, so we are working to coordinate homework assignments, as well as night activities to help to lighten the load.  Additionally, we are contemplating the idea of offering a tutoring center for students that would provide quality student support in the afternoon and into the early evening for our students.  This would give them a place to do homework with a tutor (free of charge to you), and also give students a secure location if they have a late pickup time.  Based on your comments, we want to create another short survey just to further explore this idea.  Stay tuned. 
  4. Several parents thanked us for being able to provide feedback via this survey, but they also suggested to us that we have students fill out a similar survey.
    1. Response:  We agree completely and we may not have shared with you, but we do ask all students to take several surveys for us.  Students each year take an online climate survey (general school climate questions) and a student feedback survey for each of their teachers. This student feedback has proven to be very helpful.
  5. Several parents had thoughts on our Math and Science courses.
    1. Response: We have been working very hard on this issue all year to further refine our math course offerings.  With the new California Math standards and the differing math abilities students enter UHS with, we need to change both the curriculum and the instruction for these classes.  Our math curriculum has been set for many years, but changes are necessary to improve student learning and to adjust to the Common Core Standards.  With Science, this year we began to allow senior students to take other science courses more related to their career major in lieu of the standard senior environmental course, with counselor approval. 
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