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Open Letter to Alumni from the Head of School

I want to thank those of you who filled out our 2013 alumni survey.    The link below will take you to the survey results if you are interested in what other alumni reported.  One hundred and eighteen of you did our survey.

We asked you to take the survey because we want to improve our school and we needed your responses to know what changes we should make.   We showed the responses to our teachers and to our school board.   As a school we have only begun to digest your ideas but at least in two areas we have already begun work.  First, we are looking at our science program.  Many of you have commented that you did not feel as prepared for college science courses as you did for other college courses in different subjects.    Consequently, we are exploring either allowing students to take different science classes during their senior year, more aligned to their career focus, or offering an honor’s section of chemistry or looking at AP curriculum options.

 With the questions on technology, we gleaned that while teachers may have used technology in the classrooms, we may not have done enough to actually teach you how to be a user of many important technology programs (e.g. Excel, spreadsheet applications).  We are looking to change that issue since we know, (as many of you said), that knowledge of technology is an important job skill.   It is too early for me to tell you what changes will be made but your responses will be the reason for the change.

Lastly, I wanted to thank those of you that offered to be mentors for other students who may be planning on attending your college or university in the future.  We have already printed out the list of alumni with their contact info and given it to each of our counselors so they can reach out to you if they have a student you can help.  So thank you to those of you willing to give back.

I personally love UHS, and I enjoyed reading your response to the question “When you compared yourself to other college students, how would you grade your high school preparation to attend college?” So many of you said you felt our school had prepared you well for college and that overall you had a good experience here (that question received a 74% ‘A’ response).   I was motivated most, however, by the suggestions you had for our improvement.  I truly want us to be the best college-prep high school in the country, and based on your comments, we still have work to do.   Thank you again for your responses.


James Bushman