Graduation Credit Requirements

Credit Requirement: 275

All students shall be required to complete the following with a grade of "D" or higher:

  • English: 40 credits
  • Mathematics: 40 credits
  • Foreign Language: 30 credits
  • Science: 30 credits
  • Social Science: 30 credits
  • Performing Groups: 28 credits
  • Musicianship: 20 credits
  • Physical Education: 20 credits
  • Humanities: 5 credits
  • Electives: 32 credits

Academic Support

What if my student is struggling in a class?
Communicate with your student to discover the root of the problem (e.g. study habits, motivation, deficits). Next, encourage your student to utilize the supports on this page! If your student continues to struggle in a class, contact the teacher via email for additional support.

Homework Log:
Keep your daily planner up to date (assignments & due dates, test dates, etc.). Make sure all work is Done! Not just done, but it is complete, with name and date, in your backpack or notebook, and ready to turn in.

Office Hours:
Spend office hours in the classes you need additional help or clarification. Don't wait until the week of a big test or project. Seek help early when you need it!

Weekly Progress Report:
Utilize PowerSchool and Google Sites to see up-to-date grades and current/future assignments. Parents can set up their PowerSchool account to receive email grade/attendance notifications.

After School Peer Tutoring:
No cost tutoring is available after school in Room 105, Monday through Thursday, from 3 PM to 5 PM. Bring your work with you. Peer tutors are there to help you, however, you must ask and be prepared with questions for these tutors. Visit the ASC website here.