Interested in coming to University High School

University High School is a 9th-12th grade; free public charter high school located on the campus of California State University, Fresno. UHS provides an accelerated college preparatory education to approximately 480 students who share a common interest in music. Students receive a strong foundation in music and the liberal arts and sciences in a small high school environment while benefiting from the opportunities available on a large public university campus. University High School traditionally accepts incoming 9th graders who apply in their 8th-grade year. Depending on our current class capacity, UHS also accepts transfer students who wish to enter UHS in their 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade year. University High School suggests all interested parents and students come to our informational days in the Fall and Winter. All students who attend UHS are asked to master content and engage in skills that we think prepare all students for whatever choice they make when they leave high school. All students benefit from attending UHS, although UHS is not the school for everyone. Students need to be committed to the program we offer to be successful. If you think we are the right school for you, please apply and join us.

Thank you for your interest in University High School. University High School is committed to equity in its admissions process, and it is also required by state regulations to utilize a lottery to determine admission if more applications are received than the Charter School has the capacity. Aside from residency in the state, there is one requirement for a student to meet:

  • All UHS students must take classes in music theory and be enrolled in musical ensembles for four years. Therefore, applicants should have a strong interest in vocal or instrumental music. UHS requires applicants to have two years of musical experience, but most importantly, we want students who are passionate about music. If you sang in the church choir, took music lessons or were taught music in school, your experiences can be used to show your interest in music.


Answer all application questions, incomplete applications will not be processed

  • Complete the University High School Student Application Form.
  • Under Student’s Music Proficiency, please indicate your background as vocal or list the instrument(s) you play, along with the number of years’ experience.
  • Prepare responses to the two short-answer questions. While these are optional and do not factor into your admission, they do help us get acquainted with you.
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade transfer applicants must submit a high school transcript.
  • Music Evaluation. Please choose one of the following:
    • Students taking music in middle school can show their music experience by submitting a 7th or 8th-grade transcript, showing a music grade.
    • Have a current music teacher complete and submit a Music Teacher Evaluation Form. The evaluation must in a sealed envelope or mailed by the music teacher.
    • Call the UHS office and schedule a brief assessment with our Music Director.

UHS Information Day (Webinar)