The transition to high school or a new school, in general, can be a major event in the life of a young person. University High school’s peer mentor program welcomes incoming freshman and new students by helping them feel comfortable throughout their first year at University High school. UHS Peer Mentors consist of Junior and Senior students that are trained to be leaders, motivators, and teachers who guide freshman and new students to discover what it takes to have a successful high school experience at UHS.

The UHS peer mentor program begins by assisting with the freshman and new student orientation day. Peer mentors immediately begin developing relationships with these students and help them become acclimated to the campus and excited to attend UHS. After orientation day peer mentors will continue throughout the year to provide both academic and social follow-up activities.

The goal of the UHS peer mentor program is to build peer relationships, create a positive culture and climate at our school, and a solid foundation for student success.